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Our History


Our History SkyNet Worldwide Express

Our experience dates back to 1972 when Simmonds Warner built a courier company in London that quickly expanded throughout the rest of Europe. By 1976 operations in Latin America began under the name of ‘Choice Air Courier’, hailed as the first complete courier network in this region. In 1984 these diverse enterprises merged into a single worldwide network called the ‘Sky Courier Network’. Since then, as ’SkyNet Worldwide Express’, the company has grown extensively through over 200 major gateway cities globally to 1,115 hubs. Through understanding customers various needs and in response to market changes we have become the largest independently owned express network in the world providing flexible and reliable door to door services.

SkyNet has been a leader in the international shipping industry for the past 47 years. SkyNet is presently the 5th largest express courier in the world and the Largest Independently owned Courier Company, servicing 209 Countries with over 320 worldwide affiliate stations with more than 1100 branches worldwide with major gateways in Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Miami, Singapore and Sydney. Currently, this network delivers over 5,000,000 packages internationally per year worldwide.

The SkyNet Worldwide Express Network is a unique international courier cooperative. It is composed of independently owned and locally operated courier companies operating as SkyNet licensees. Together they comprise the largest independently owned and operated courier network in the world, providing reliable desk to desk service to over 200 countries. Regional hubs serve as administration centers and ensure that standards of quality and performance are rigidly maintained by network members in the various regions.